TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF www.earlybirdkids.com and ENG version https://early-bird-gb.shoplo.com/ ONLINE STORE

Following regulations shall determine the principles of purchasing Early Bird Kids products through its online store www.earlybirdkids.com. & ENG version https://early-bird-gb.shoplo.com/

Seller is Early Bird Kids Aleksandra Sołtysiak, Katarzyna Dziubłowska Partnership , on the address Poland, Suchedniów 26-130 , Placowa 20 street, subject to the central registration of business activity introduced at the tax identification number (NIP) : 6631879938, REGON 385513630.


  1. Terms and Conditions – the following terms and conditions regulations
  2. Customer – a natural or legal person using the Store’s website, including those for which an account was registered and who make a purchase via the Store’s website in accordance with the rules set out in these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Consumer – a natural person performing an act in law with an entrepreneur, said act not being directly with their economic or professional activity
  4. Seller – Early Bird Kids Aleksandra Sołtysiak, Katarzyna Dziubłowska Partnership , on the adress Poland, Suchedniów 26-130 , Placowa 20 street, subject to the central registration of business activity introduced at the tax identyfication numeber (NIP) : 6631879938, REGON 385513630.
  5. Online store (store) – www.earlybirdkids.com and ENG version https://early-bird-gb.shoplo.com/ websites via which the Seller conducts internet sales.
  6. Product -item available in the Store that is the subject of the Sales Agreement between the Customer and the Seller
  7. Order- a declarations of the customers will be determining the unique type and quatity of goods, means directly to concluding a sales agreement.
  8. Order form - a service available in the store that allows you to set up an account.
  9. Basket – part of the Store software, in which the Products selected for purchase by the Customer are visible
  10. Sales Agreement - contract concluded or concluded between the Customer and the Seller via the Online Store.


  1. Shop owner is Early Bird Kids Aleksandra Sołtysiak, Katarzyna Dziubłowska Partnership , on the adress Poland, Suchedniów 26-130 , Placowa 20 street, subject to the central registration of business activity introduced at the tax identyfication numeber (NIP) : 6631879938, REGON 385513630. Hereinafter referred to as The Seller
  2. These regulations determine the rules for using the online store available under the adress www.earlybirdkids.com and ENG version https://early-bird-gb.shoplo.com/
  3. The condition of submitting the order in an online store by the customer is recognized with these regulations and accepting its provisions in the duration of the order
  4. All goods offered in the www.earlybirdkids.com and ENG version https://early-bird-gb.shoplo.com/ store are factory new, originally packed and free from physical and legal defects.


  1. Orders may be placed via online store anytime of the day, seven days a week.
  2. The prices are not including shipping costs, which are specfied in the delivery price list.
  3. The order is effective if the Customer properly filled the order form and properly gave contact data in this accurate address, to which the goods will be sent, and the phone number and the email address.
  4. After Submitting the order, Customer will receive an automatic order receipt confirmation.
  5. Orders placed in the store may not be combined, in particular to deliver separate Orders in a single delivery
  6. In the case of card payments, the delivery time is counted from the moment the positive authorization of the payment is obtained.


  1. The transaction currency used at the Online store is either PLN or EURO.
  2. For every sold item, the Seller shall provide a receipt or, upon Customer’s request, an invoice.
  3. If you want to receive an invoice, please indicate when ordering the company details and tax identification number. By making a purchase in the Store and requiring an invoice, the Customer automatically authorizes the Store to issue an invoice without signature.
  4. The online payment provider for EURO currency is PAY U.
  5. Payment can be also made by bank money transfer.
  6. In relation to the fact that the seller is subjectively exempt from value added tax (supply of goods or provision of services exempted pursuant to Article 113 (1) or (9) of the Act of 11 March 2004 on tax on goods and services, the VAT rate on the invoice is 0%.


  1. Orders are shipped within the territory of the Republic of Poland and worldwide
  2. The product is sent to the address indicated on the form
  3. The ordered Product is delivered via shipping company in accordance to the price list placed on the Store's website
  4. In the case of ordering several products, the shipping cost is calculated as for ordering one product
  5. Goods are delivered according to the deadline given for each product on the store's website
  6. Before collecting the package, the Customer should check whether the packaging in which the purchased product was delivered has not been damaged in transport. If the packaging bears signs of damage, the Customer should immediately contact the Online Store


  1. A consumer who has concluded a Contract, may renounce it without giving any reason by submitting an appropriate declaration within 14 days from receiving an order, with the reservation that items and services that are statutorily not subject to renunciation may not be returned.
  2. In order to meet the 14-day time limit mentioned in the provision above, it is sufficient to send the declaration to: hello@earlybirdkids.com, before the limit expires. The declaration form can be downloaded from the Store’s website.
  3. Adress for returns is : Early Bird Kids, Bruzdowa 98H/5 street, Warsaw 02-991, Poland
  4. If the Customer renounces the Contract, it shall be deemed not concluded.
  5. Only products with no traces of use - unaltered, with tags, are subject to return and exchange.
  6. The Customer is obliged to return to the Seller the items covered by the Contract which the declaration concerns immediately, at the latest within 14 days from renunciation.
  7. The product will be exchanged as part of a given product for a different color or size if it is available in the Store
  8. The Customer shall bear the cost of returning the items.
  9. The Consumer shall be liable for reducing the value of the items, if the reduction results from using them in a manner beyond one necessary to determine their nature, features and functionality. Damage of the package due to packing it without due diligence by the Customer may also cause reduction in value.
  10. The Seller shall return to the Customer all received payments, including – but with the stipulation outlined in subpar. 10 – the cost of delivery of the items to the Customer immediately but within no more than 14 days from the day of receipt of the renunciation declaration, with the stipulation that the return of the payment may be suspended until the Seller receives the items or the Customer provides proof that the items have been sent back, depending on which event takes place sooner.
  11. If the Customer chooses a delivery method other than the least expensive, regular method offered by the Seller, then in the event of renouncing the contract, the Seller is not obliged to return the additional cost incurred by the Customer..
  12. The Seller shall return the payment using the same method as the payment, unless the Customer agrees to a different method which entails no additional costs for them.
  13. In case funds refund for a transaction made by payment card, the refund shall be made to the bank account assigned to the payment card of the Customer
  14. The cost of the product exchange is the cost of its re-shipping to the customer, equal to the lowest shipping cost.
  15. The right to a refund or exchange is not applicable in the case of products manufactured to the Customer's individual orders, including personalized goods


  1. The Seller is obliged to deliver items free of physical or legal defects to the Customer .
  2. The Seller is liable to the Customer, if an item has a physical or legal defect (warranty)
  3. If an item has a defect, the Customer may place a complaint within 14 days from detection of a defect.
  4. Complaints should be submitted by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address: hello@earlybirdkids.com
  5. The seller will consider the complaint within 14 days from the date of submission of the complaint.
  6. If the complaint is considered justified, the Seller will repair or replace the advertised product. If this is not possible, the Seller will return the value of the product to the Customer in accordance with applicable law.
  7. If the complaint is considered unfounded, the Seller shall immediately send the Product to the Customer to the address indicated in the complaint.


  1. These Terms of Service have been drawn up on the basis of the Polish law. For matters unregulated by these Terms of Service, Polish law, including the Civil Code, act on consumer rights or other acts applicable to the functioning and activity of the Online store in Poland shall apply.
  2. The Seller reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service as well as improve Customers’ privacy and prevent wrongdoing
  3. The Seller shall inform the Customers about the modifications by sending a link to the modified content of the Terms of Service.
  4. The new version of the Terms of Service is binding to registered Customers, if they do not, within seven days, declare that they do not accept the modifications. Upon receiving such declaration, the Seller shall delete the Customer’s account and inform them about it. Orders placed before the modifications coming into force are fulfilled under previous Terms of Service.
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